Developed by Kay & McLean Productions with Simon Phillips and Carolyn Burns, North By Northwest had its stage premiere in 2015 with the Melbourne Theatre Company at the Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne.

In 2016, in association with Arts Centre Melbourne, Kay & McLean Productions presented North By Northwest for a second time in Melbourne, on the stage of the State Theatre.

The production was a hit with audiences and critics alike and so plans commenced for the roll out of the live stage play of North By Northwest for the international market.

Brace yourself to be whisked across America, from the skyscraper canyons of New York City to the Black Hills of South Dakota, following advertising executive Roger O Thornhill in his desperate quest to clear his name. Everything you will recall from the original Hitchcock film, from drunken car rides down twisting roads, a love affair on a train, to the famous cliffhanger ending on Mount Rushmore is recreated live on stage. How is this achieved? Well, that would be ruining the surprise! You’ll need to come to the theatre to see for yourself.

Just as in 1959, when Alfred Hitchcock stretched the technical resources of cinema to make the greatest chase movie of all time, Simon Phillips and the creative team continue to push the technical resources of theatre to present Carolyn Burn’s thrilling stage adaptation.

Andrew Kay and Liza McLean of Kay & McLean Productions joined forces with Theatre Royal Bath Productions to remount the stage play with a British acting company as part of the 2017 Summer Season in Bath under the Artistic Directorship of Jonathan Church. The season in Bath was an opportunity to showcase the production for the UK, West End and touring market ongoing. Following this season, the Bath production travelled to Toronto to play a six-week run as part of the 2017 Mirvish subscription season at the Royal Alexander Theatre and showcase for North America.